E-Mail Marketing

Direct line to your customers
High Return on Investment
Acquire Leads

Why email marketing?

If you're tired of your email marketing efforts falling flat, it's time to turn to Virvo Digital. Email marketing consistently ranked as one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, especially when done correctly. With email, you can deliver personalized, engaging content to your audience through a familiar channel eventually turning those connections into customers.

Virvo Digital specializes in email marketing campaigns that covert. Our team can help you build email automations that streamline your marketing efforts, grow your email list, and nurture your customers with targeted, personalized messaging. We can craft compelling subject lines and content, segment your email list for targeted messaging, and optimize your email marketing campaigns to ensure they are always performing.

Virvo Digital's email marketing services

Virvo Digital understands that many businesses rely on email like a trusty sidekick to drive positive ROI. With email marketing, we'll help you retain customers, re-engage cold leads, and drive additional purchases. Email marketing offers among the best returns on investment, so let us help you succeed with it before your competitors even know what hit them. Our email campaigns can be as customized as you'd like them to be! In fact, we can even personalize the landing page for each individual email recipient, something that can significantly increase open rates and conversions.

Full-service email management

At Virvo Digital, we'll handle everything from strategizing, deploying, testing, reporting, tracking, and optimizing your email campaigns. We kick things off by conducting a thorough email audit and creating a roadmap of priorities to accomplish. The goal of our full-service email management aims to optimize every aspect of your campaigns.

Technical Integration

Are you feeling lost when it comes to setting up your DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records in your DNS? No sweat, we've got you covered. We know that many businesses have put in a ton of work building up their email marketing and subscriber database, but sometimes all that effort is wasted if the emails end up in the dreaded spam folder. We can help you make the most of your email service provider and ensure that your deliverability, open rates and CTR are always on the uptrend.

Comprehensive email audits

If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, an email audit is your first step. We'll start by getting crystal clear on your vision and then conduct a thorough analysis of your current email marketing efforts. We'll look at everything from your email marketing platform, strategy, creative, process, metrics, customers and even your competitors because let's face it, they're always lurking. Based on our findings, we'll provide actionable recommendations for improving your email marketing. With the help of our team at Virvo Digital, you'll be well on your way to developing a winning email marketing strategy.